Junior Team Selections Week One

Lion logo new flatThis week the juniors take the field for the first time this season.  See below for week one team lists for both Little League and Junior League teams.  Information on the Under 18’s is still to come.

Little League v Moorabbin @ SPRINGVALE (TOP GROUND)

Coaches – Simone Wearne, Sinead Flanigan & Peter Gelsi

8.00am Warm-Up
9.00am Game
1. Riley Riddiford
2. Tyler Riddiford
3. Holly Reynolds
4. Cooper Drummond
5. Isabella Castle
6. Tavis Svendsen
7. Nicholas Booth
8. Jack King
9. Kaleb Morrison
10. Cassie Singleton
11. Caitlyn Singleton
Junior League v Berwick Cougars @ SPRINGVALE (MAIN GROUND)
Coaches – Shae Lillywhite, Mick Wearne & Rieko Abe
8.00am Warm-Up
9.00am Game
1. Andrew Gkolfis
2. Adam Harris
3. Will McNess
4. Lotu Tonga
5. James Di Giovambattista
6. Lili Cavanagh
7. Hanami Campitelli
8. Emily Devine
9. Gabby Bevan
10. Teaghan Crynes

If your son or daughter is missing from the above list, please contact us asap.  If there is a name listed above who is unavailable, please make sure you contact Simone, 0407 047 476.

Good luck to all teams this weekend.