Canteen Rosters – Womens Games

Coordinate with your partner so that the correct amount of food is purchased.
See the instructions page if you are unsure what to do or purchase
Shift Starts 1 Hour before the first game of the day an ends after the canteen is cleaned when all games are completed.
If you are unable to do your assigned shift swap with someone else at the club.
Failure to turn up for your assigned duty or not doing a complete job will result in being benched.
If you are unsure of anything or just need to ask a question contact Mandi 0414 182 058 or Brandon 0405 678 839

7 Oct 232MickBrandon/Rowan
21 Oct 232BrandonFrank
11 Nov 23All 3ZakRowan
18 Nov 23All 3GlenPaul
9 Dec 23All 3TrentAdam
16 Dec 232TrentGareth
27 Jan 24All 3GlenMatt
14 Feb 241 Mid-weekMandi
21 Feb 241 Mid-weekMandi
24 Feb 24Barky DayMylesMatt