Canteen & Umpiring Instructions

  • It is your responsibility to check the rosters and make sure you show up when it is your turn.
  • If you are unable to make your shift then it is your responsibility to arrange a replacement – speak to your coach or another club member.
  • Missing your turn at umpiring or canteen, or not doing the job properly puts others out and will result in a benching for your next game.
  • If you are not sure what you will need to do ask Mandi. 0414 182 058 or

  If any changes are made to these rosters there will be a facebook and website announcement.

Roster for Mens Games

Roster for Womens Games

 Canteen Duty Instructions & What To Purchase

Before you Start During Your Shift
  • Make sure there is toilet paper in the men’s and women’s toilets.  More can be found in the back store of the canteen.
  • Empty the drip bowl in the fridge (located in the bottom at the centre-right).
  • Make sure there is enough stock in the fridge.
  • Give the Clubrooms a general Tidy up
  • Vacuum Clubrooms if required
  • Turn on the Exhaust fan and oven isolator switch.
  • Turn on the deep fryer at the wall switch make sure the fryer is turned up to the max
  • If the deep fryer starts to smoke, turn it down about 30 degrees, otherwise it can stay at full.
  • Chocolates and Chips can be located in the bottom cupboards in the back store.
  • All excess stock of food and alcohol is kept in the canteen storeroom.
  • Hot Dogs and Dim Sims should be kept on heat level 1 or 2 after they are fully cooked.
  • Do not cook/make more food than is necessary.
Before you Leave
  • Make sure you restock the fridge (including full slabs/boxes at the bottom).
  • Make sure all the dishes are done.
  • Sweep the floors.
  • Give the Clubrooms a general tidy up.
  • Empty the bin in the Canteen.
  • Place dirty tea towels in a pile on the bench.
If you are not sure of something then ask.If the above things are not done then your canteen shift is not finished.
  • Use common sense when purchasing. See who the opponent(s) are or if there is a very good chance of a rainout (or a really hot day).  Adjust your purchases are necessary.
  • Coordinate with your partner for the day.
  • If you are still unsure ask Mandi 0414 182 058
  • Purchase your rolls from a local bakery (not bakers delight or the supermarket) don’t buy the most expensive ingredients you can find, please don’t purchase margarine or butter (we already have it).

The following is a guide only.  Use some common sense in regards to weather and the opposition.  Any questions call Mandi 0414 182 058.

Sunday Morning Juniors 1 Senior or Womens Game
  • 1 Litre of Milk
  • 1 Game = 12 Hot dog rolls
  • 2 Games = 24 Hot dog Rolls
  • Sell Hot dogs, chips and Steamed Dims Sims with chocolates lollies.
  • No Alcohol to be sold whilst Junior Games are in Progress
  • 18 hot dog rolls
  • 6 Salad Rolls
  • 1 small Lettuce or bag of lettuce greens
  • 300 Grams Ham
  • 1 Large Carrots
  • 2 Tomatoes
  • 1 Small Tin Beetroot
  • 1 Small Cucumber
  • 6 Slices Cheese (or see if there is some at the club)
2 Games 3 Games
  • If temperature is over 30 degrees get 3 bags of ice
  • 36 Hot dog rolls
  • 20 Salad rolls
  • 1 Large Iceberg Lettuce
  • 700 Grams Ham
  • 1 Sml Bag Carrots
  • 1 Large Tin Beetroot
  • 2 Med Cucumbers or 1 Large
  • 1 Bag of Tomatoes
  • 24 Slices of Cheese
  • If temperature is over 30 degrees get 3 bags of ice
  • 48 Hot dog rolls
  • 30 Salad rolls
  • 2 Iceberg Lettuce
  • 1kg Ham
  • 1 Bag Carrots
  • 1 Large tin of Beetroot
  • 2 Medium Cucumbers
  • 1 Bag Tomatoes
  • 36 Slices of Cheese