Masters Finals – Family and Friends Evening

The Over 38 Tomatoes  and Over 45 Big Cats are playing their respective finals games this Monday night Feb 23rd at KH Wearne Reserve.  6.15pm kick off for both teams the 38’s have the bottom diamond.  We will be having a Family and friends evening with all invited and encouraged to come down and support the masters have a bit of fun and enjoy a meal and a drink.

Both teams have competed well this year after the age group re shuffle, with the Over 38’s Tomatoes  finishing the season on top of the ladder and earning the home final as a result. They play Sandringham who finished fourth in a do or die final that sees the winner straight into the grand final.

Scott Baillie has thrown well all season to set up the team’s defence whilst Andrew “Bull” Peulen, Neal Cavanagh and Simon Myles have hit solidly to score some of the team’s offensive runs.

The 45’s Big Cats headed by Michael Wearne have played well to finish second in a six team competition that looks set to grow next year as the Masters phenomenon slowly gains in age.

The Big Cat Tomatoes first competed in 1999 and continues to show strength in numbers and age as the years tick on.

Monday Nights final against like aged Waverley Baseball Club looks to have lost none of the passion previous encounters have bought to the field, with a spot in the Grand final  against Masters powerhouse’s Blackburn or Melbourne up for grabs both teams will be doing their best to reach that one night in February….(doesn’t seem  have the same ring to it that one day in September does?)

Regardless of which game you watch, it promises to be a great night to head out to Springvale and watch some Masters baseball. If you haven’t been before, come and see what all the fuss is about and maybe then you’ll understand why Masters baseball in Australia has the fastest growing participation numbers of any age group in Baseball.

You might even enjoy yourself!